Midlife Libido PSA


PSA: "Sex should not hurt." - Jill Wood, PhD

I recently listened to an excellent 2-part podcast on KPBS Midday Edition and thought I'd share the link with you.

A panel of four experts engaged in a frank discussion of peri-/menopause including understanding how your body responds sexually at this time of life.

Before your eyes glaze over...

This is NOT just another podcast about "symptoms of peri-/menopause...YAWN"!
(I know you know all that already...and please email me if you don't - [email protected])

Especially the 2nd podcast of the 2-part series. Here are some of the topics covered in episode 2 (and the approximate minute mark in the podcast):

  • The two most effective non-pharmacological alternative options to get you back to YOU
    (2:00 minute mark)
  • Orgasms, vaginal dryness and what they have to do with your partner/relationship
    (8:00 minute mark) 
  • Sexual desire during the peri-/menopause transition
    (21:00 minute mark)
  • Masturbation
    (at 24:00 minute mark)


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