Do members of your team even know the difference between Perimenopause and Menopause?
(much less dare say these words out loud)?

Hire health coach, Sally Bartlett to normalize this conversation in an informative yet down-to-earth style that puts your whole team at ease and encourages a supportive environment around this transitional time. 

Mental Health in the Workplace

Dammit it IS Menopause …

Now What?

Don't recognize yourself in the mirror lately? Suddenly experiencing mood swings, hot flashes, forgetfulness and brain fog, to name a few? Your Life is So NOT Over! In this talk, you'll learn:

  • How to make a sustained daily commitment to living in and loving a healthy-sized body for optimal quality of life and aging
  • How to take the time to invest in yourself
  • Why you’re worth it!
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"Working with Sally has positively influenced my body image and the way I think about my body as I age. She has encouraged me to rethink the ways I make choices around food and helped me to find the balance between discipline and freedom around food. My goal is to make choices about diet and exercise that enable me to be stronger and move better as I age." 

-J.C (Tennessee)


Workplace Menopause Training


By 2025, 1 billion women will be in menopause.

 "Identify, Embrace, & Thrive: Menopause 101"

Did you know that 59% of women and people who menstruate between the ages of 45 and 55 who are experiencing peri-menopause symptoms have said that it has negatively impacted their work in some way?

Delivering this training to your team can:

  • Increase awareness (organization-wide) about the impact of menopause on those experiencing it
  • Improve collaboration and productivity
  • Improve long-term talent retention
  • Help your team feel seen and understood 

Training Receivables

  • 30 minute talk + Q&A
  • Understand the difference between perimenopause and menopause
  • Learn appropriate language to address this imminent life transition
  • Break down the taboo around menopause in your workplace
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"So we've said the Big "M" out loud (Menopause!)... Now what?"

  • Customizable Midlife-related self-care webinars focusing on sleep, movement, energy consumption (eating - but without the stigma!), boundary-setting.
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Journaling for Mental Health + Wellness Workshop


Did you know that there is increasing evidence that shows journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being? In this workshop you will:

  •  Learn how to use research-based journaling techniques to acquaint yourself with a new, compassionate voice and improve your immune and mental health.
  •  Walk away knowing how to use a simple journaling technique to check in with your mind/body, employ self-compassion and find peace, harness your inner “chatter.”
  •  Increase creativity by stimulating your “rest & digest” (parasympathetic nervous) system.

Workshop Agenda + Receivables:

  •  Mind/body Breathing Check-in
  •  Guided, Hands-on Journaling Exercise
  •  Worksheet PDF handout
  •  Free Giveaway Drawing (1 winner):
    • Win a MELT Method Ball + 30-minute intro zoom session on practicing the MELT Method (self-myofascial release) for one attendee.

Other Workshops:

  • Intro to the MELT Method
  • For Women only: Menopause Transition…You are not alone!
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Self-care P.I.E.S. & Journaling

The body-confidence journey continues

In this hybrid speaking and hands-on workshop, dive deep to identify and redirect your negative self-talk with actual journaling techniques. Identify that passion project or accomplishment you know deep down you are meant to harvest and finally be able to share it with the world. Stop playing small and begin to participate in life to the fullest like never before.

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Journal writing on tablet

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