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Hi There!
I'm Sally Bartlett

I'm a speaker, workplace menopause educator, behavior change & mental health coach,  and an award-winning author. I’m here to walk beside you and empower you to discover who this new woman is, and what works for you in this exciting new chapter of life.

I chronicled my aging journey because I have always known that someday I would share it with other women so that they too could cultivate their own plan to embrace their change and flourish, just like I have.

My mission is to help you:

  • Clarify what works best for your body right now.

  • Increase your self-love for the body you’re in.

  • Reduce your negative self-talk and get back to you

  • Develop and execute a new plan that leads to the life you love to live.

  • Age with poise, self-confidence and joy!

You can follow along with my journey on Instagram @Itssallybartlett or catch up on my latest offerings at ! 

Close-up of Sally Bartlett