Midlife Libido PSA


PSA: "Sex should not hurt." - Jill Wood, PhD

I recently listened to an excellent 2-part podcast on KPBS Midday Edition and thought I'd share the link with you.

A panel of four experts engaged in a frank discussion of peri-/menopause including understanding how your body responds sexually at this time of life.

Before your eyes glaze over...

This is NOT just another podcast about "symptoms of peri-/menopause...YAWN"!
(I know you know all that already...and please email me if you don't - [email protected])

Especially the 2nd podcast of the 2-part series. Here are some of the topics covered in episode 2 (and the approximate minute mark in the podcast):

  • The two most effective non-pharmacological alternative options to get you back to YOU
    (2:00 minute mark)
  • Orgasms, vaginal dryness and what they have to do with your partner/relationship
    (8:00 minute mark) 
  • Sexual desire during the peri-/menopause transition
    (21:00 minute mark)
  • Masturbation
    (at 24:00 minute mark)

Here are the people who are on the panel:

Andrea LaCroix, a distinguished professor of epidemiology at UC San Diego who specializes in the health of postmenopausal and older women.

Dr. Cynthia Stuenkel, a clinical professor of medicine at the UC San Diego school of medicine. She established one of the first menopause programs in the country.

Jill Wood, PhD, teaches women's, gender, and sexuality Studies at Penn State University. Her research includes the menopausal transition and sexual desire.

Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, CEO of Kindra, a self-care company for women in menopause, and supporter of employers offering employees menopause leave as a benefit.

If you haven't got one already, type in your zip code to find a local Menopause Practitioner (at North American Menopause Society) who is committed to providing healthcare for perimenopausal women. Be brave and talk about these topics with a menopause practitioner if you need guidance.

To start from beginning of series, listen here:

Let's talk about Menopause! | KPBS Public Media

To hear the episode that talks specifically about painful intercourse, vaginal health and more, listen here: Let's talk about menopause! Part 2 | KPBS Public Media





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