“Dammit … It IS Menopause!” Excerpt: In Search of Fiddlehead Unfurling

I love ferns. They are all over my backyard. I am fascinated by the journey of each individual “fiddlehead” of the fern. A new fiddlehead unfurls itself toward the sky to join the existing fully developed fronds to increase the collective beauty of the plant as a whole.

Each unfurling fiddlehead reminds me of a human spine as it articulates out of flexion and into a beautiful upright posture. The new fern fiddlehead represents the spine of a confident, courageous woman who is transitioning and articulating into her full upright potential in life. I am so moved by this growth process that I based my business logo on ferns. 

My parallels between robust, flourishing ferns and robust, flourishing women continues. Many ferns are so hearty that with the proper care, they can withstand both winter cold and summer heat. With women, it is the same, and women need water and the right balance of sunshine and shade.

Every so often, fern fronds turn brown and they look a little withered. But periodic removal of old dead fronds results in a flurry of multiple new breathtaking fiddleheads, stronger and more beautiful than ever. Sometimes as women, we need to remove old “fronds,” or beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us, to make room for newer beliefs and behaviors that better correlate with where we are in life right now.

Something about the sight of unfurling fiddleheads inspires me. It says, “Growth is always possible. Not only is it possible, it is desirable and vital for a Big Amazing Life.” My heart is like the fern root ball. When I become willing to look within, in a sense it is like sorting through my beliefs and behaviors to remove those that have become withered. The resulting personal growth is like the emerging fiddleheads: tall, confident, with purpose.

Looking within is hard work that can be uncomfortable. But it prepares my heart to grow and bloom in a new, beautiful way, better suited to where I am in life today. If I don’t assess my personal “fern fronds,” my heart will become stagnant and wither, never reaching its full potential and full splendor. Looking within through the eyes of nature leads to amazing growth that takes my breath away.

Meditation/Prayer for the Day:

Dear God, Thank You for ferns. Thank You for speaking to me through nature and ferns. Thank You for growth that takes my breath away.

Call to Action:

What beliefs and behaviors are not serving you anymore? Be brave enough to look within. It may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. You deserve to have your breath taken away.

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Sally Bartlett, ©2021


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