Small Longevity Bytes for Your Big Amazing Life!

Hello Varsity Friends,

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep at night cuz you are SO excited about something? You keep mulling it over in your head and ideas just keep coming? This happened to me last night in fact. I have something big and new I'm contemplating doing. It scares me like CRAZY, but I'm gonna keep going.

Stay tuned on that. But here are some other reasons I couldn't sleep last night...

  • Our 2nd Menopause Cafe Charity Event on March 22 had 4 attendees! This is a huge win for my co-host Cheryl and me (our 1st Menopause Café had zero attendees)!! The important thing is we didn't give up! Small Steps for the win! It's important to connect with others and acknowledge your wins. Do you have a small (or massive) win to share? I'm all ears...
  • I recently took a looooong drive to a place called Soda Lake (see photos at top/bottom) in Central California with my fiancé. The super blooms were breathtaking and so worth the drive. Have you done something like this for yourself lately? It really gave me clarity on some key issues in my life right now.
  • I listened to a poignant conversation between North American Menopause Society educators Drs. Makeba Williams and Marla Shapiro about the disparities in the Menopause Transition. This 13 minute NAMS Interview discusses racial and ethnic disparities in the menopause transition (NAMS is a great resource for all things Menopause!). Studies show that learning new things helps prevent brain deterioration! Let's keep normalizing this conversation.


I'd love to know one thing (or more) that would help make your Big Amazing Longevity Journey more enjoyable. What content would you like to see from me? More about journaling? Personal development in general? Anxiety relief? Mental Health? Body Confidence? Other? Email me: [email protected].

Meanwhile, be kind to my Friend (insert YOUR NAME HERE...yes YOU!!), and stay tuned for more about the Big scary new thing I'm gonna try next. Because I'm going to need your encouragement! And please tell me if you've got something scary and new you are contemplating so I can encourage you, too. Let's do it together!





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