The Healthy Body Mindset Recipe For Menopausal Women

Learn the how to go from feeling hopeless and addicted to diets to feeling free and at peace with food and your body as you learn how to achieve body-confidence.

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What You Will Experience After This Course:

1. Increased courage and self-acceptance, and improved self-image and self-esteem even after the advent of hormonal shift

2. Newfound clarity, sense of value, and understanding of who you are (your identity) & WHY you’re on this planet

3. Increased motivation to do what you want in your daily life and actually see it through this time

4. Increased enthusiasm for life through the discovery or re-discovery of your passion(s)

5. A renewed sense of having a “normal” life again

6. Ability to smash limiting beliefs -- break free from long-standing, negative self-talk barriers

7. The ability to identify and process your feelings, deeply connect with your emotions and body; therefore becoming emotionally literate

8. The knowledge right in the moment, what to do when inevitable spontaneous eating happens

9. An actionable plan that enables you to shift your focus from a bout of destructive binge-eating/negative self-talk, so you can get back to doing the things that actually matter to you

10. Immense comfort from knowing you’re not alone

I am SO excited to help you have a Healthy Body Mindset!

You may be thinking... How do I know what I am talking about? Because, there was a time when I was this woman.

Beginning in my teens, I became a career dieter. My dangerously restrictive diets were alternated with bouts of secret eating binges, as my weight slowly increased. Meanwhile I felt inferior to my peers because, in my perception, my body was unacceptable. This lifestyle went on for years.

menopause coach laughing on sofa

I had successfully achieved many great things in my life, but deep down my secret eating habits and self-loathing kept me imprisoned in shame and guilt that foreshadowed my significant accomplishments

It was a miserable existence that kept me from living a full life. I studied even psychology in college to understand WHY my brain was wired the way it was.

My life changed forever when I made a decision to let myself off the hook and began developing my own simple techniques which brought about a mindset shift in me.

I have used these techniques ever since; EVEN through hormonal shift, and I want to share these techniques with you!

I want to help women discover they don’t have to live like that any more. I know I can help you.  Let’s do this together.

Whether you’re a dedicated and hard-working mom and/or grandmother, a successful career woman, a fitness professional, or an athlete, you owe it to yourself to take a risk-free chance and reconnect with that strong and confident woman inside of you and live the life you’ve always dreamed of living!

I look forward to meeting you inside of The Healthy Body Mindset Recipe Course when it's open for enrollment!


Sally Bartlett

P.S. Questions? Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN or by email at [email protected] .